The Route of the Order of Saint Jerome

A little bit of history: 

The Order of Saint Jerome hosted Charles in his final days at the Royal Monastery of Yuste. This route links two Order of Saint Jerome monasteries which played an important role in the life of the Emperor: the Royal Monastery of Yuste and the Monastery of the Virgin of Guadalupe, which Charles V visited on several occasions, one of them in the company of his sister Leonor—future Queen of France—in 1525.

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From Yuste to Guadalupe, from one Order of Saint Jerome monastery to another, from one place of grandeur and seclusion to another. Along the way, the traveller will enjoy the ringing of bells, the Ibores and its vast plains, the land of Campo Arañuelo, the meandering paths guarded by centuries-old forests surrounded by an overwhelming silence. Over the horizon—in the multiple meanings of the word—the final destination: the bells ringing, a prayer to be said, and a place to rest.

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