The Espousal and Honeymoon of Charles V and Isabella of Portugal. 1526

A little bit of history: 

This route follows the roads taken by Charles V and Isabella of Portugal to Seville, where they celebrated their marriage at the Real Alcázar on 11 March 1526. The Emperor departed from Toledo, and the future Empress did so from her hometown, Lisbon, to meet and marry Charles of Habsburg. The couple then travelled to Granada, where they spent their honeymoon in the Alhambra.

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In this route, the starting point, the journey, and the destination all share majesty and beauty in equal measure. Seville is an enchanted place, where the Guadalquivir river flows under the moon; Granada is heaven on earth, and it is a city enclosed by the snowy peaks of Sierra Nevada. The route takes us through the most medieval and authentic Portugal, and through the city of Badajoz and its grand imperial past, as well as other places worthy to be visited and enjoyed at leisure.

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