The Arrival of Prince Charles. 1517

A little bit of history: 

After travelling from Flanders to the village of Tazones to take possession of the peninsular kingdoms, Charles V came into contact for the first time with the land of his Hispanic ancestors. His first journey across the Iberian Peninsula took him through Asturias, Cantabria, and Castile, to the town of Tordesillas—where his mother, Joanna of Castile, resided—and to the town of Mojados—where he met his siblings Ferdinand and Eleanor. It was his first great State visit, during which he met his Castilian family again.

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Visiting Tazones beach—which is the smallest beach on the Cantabrian Sea coast and has remains of prehistoric animals nearby—; enjoying Villaviciosa and its landscapes; sitting on the banks of the river Duero and listening to its gentle babble while gazing at the greatness of Tordesillas; touring the village of Mojados—the only one that can boast of the encounter between two emperors; and wrapping up the tour in Valladolid—the Spanish city in which the Emperor resided most during his stays on the peninsula. Many options to enjoy history, nature and magic. Many options to enjoy history, nature and magic. Many options full of life. Many options to enjoy with your family.

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