Maritime Routes

A little bit of history: 

This route links the most important seaports during the time of Charles V in the southern
Mediterranean area of Spain, Italy and North Africa. Cartagena and Melilla stand out, the first
of which was the base for the imperial galleys and controlled the maritime traffic in the
southern Mediterranean. These two Mediterranean
cities will delight any visitor.

Enjoy the best of the imperial places

Plenty to see and do

History and tradition go hand in hand in these Mediterranean cities.
In addition to enjoying its historical fortifications, it is well worth strolling through the streets and find the traces of other civilizations, such as the Roman Theatre of Cartagena, or enjoy the Museum of History, Archeology and Ethnography of the City of Melilla. It is also necessary to enjoy its seafronts and taste the culinary delicacies that these port cities offer us. 

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