The Coronation of Charles V as Emperor. 1520

A little bit of history: 

On this occasion, the Emperor travelled the north of the peninsula from Barcelona to Santiago de Compostela, on the way to his coronation in Aachen. Even though he was in a rush to be crowned as Holy Roman Emperor, he needed money, and for this reason he convened the Cortes of Castile parliament in March 1520 in the capital of Galicia, Santiago de Compostela. Once he achieved his goal, he set sail for Flanders in May of the same year.

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History, tradition and landscapes come together on a route that runs through the towns and villages in which the Emperor stopped by before he left for his coronation. This route starts in Barcelona, travelling through a large part of Catalonia, Aragón, La Rioja—where the Emperor received a warm welcome in Logroño—, and Castile and León—where the entire city of Burgos welcomed him enthusiastically—; the itinerary then reaches Galicia, stopping by in Santiago and heading to La Coruña, where Charles V boarded his ship on 20 May 1520 to get hold of the Roman King sceptre.

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